The 3R's -Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- What do they imply?

You have probably been constantly hearing/reading that the planet is not doing very well (not well at all actually). Human beings have been a real disaster for the environment and its ecosystem but yet not enough is done to reverse the negative trend. The corporate giants (aka the devils) are controlling most of the industries destroying the planet to make profit and even use "green lies" to make us believe they are changing their behaviors. However they are obviously using our naivety (and maybe stupidity?) to sell more. How, at the individual scale, can we modify and evolve our lifestyle attitude to add a positive weight on this balance and fight the giants? 


Leading us to the 3R's - reduce, reuse, recycle - but what do they imply? Involvement? Yes... Change? Definitely. 

Here are simple definitions and examples you can follow to decrease your carbon footprint and fight the devils. 


   REDUCE - decrease the volume of what you buy and invest in better goods - 

Reducing is not only about buying less single-use plastic or useless packaging, but it also reducing new purchases. Ask yourself if you really need that new pair of jeans before buying it even-though it's cute and cheap. You might satisfy an impulse but it will not make you happy on the long-term. Invest for better materials and fabrics that will last longer and be more sustainable. It is essential to differentiate your real needs to your wishes when buying new products.


   REUSE - fully utilize - 

Reusing includes several aspects of living a more sustainable life. For example, you could bring your reusable mug when going to your favorite coffee shop or taking the plane, you will reduce your waste and make a good action. You could also repair an old T-shirt or give it a second life by turning it into a rag to clean your windows next time. You could reuse people's unwanted clothes by shopping in thrift shops. Reusing is vast, sustainable and often economical! Give full value and meaning to each product you own until its death. 


   RECYCLE - give a second life - 

By recycling your waste you will give a second life to materials such as paper, glass, bins, plastic, electronics etc... Although recycling might be difficult in different countries depending on the rules, you will help to cut the use of natural resources and energy. Don't forget that bins and cans can be recycled indefinitely and are well-recycled, but that only 9% of the plastics you recycle are given a second life, it is often shipped to Malaysia or Indonesia and end up in a landfill (let me know if you want to read more about this). Buying cleverly is the pillar of good recycling. 


Reducing, reusing and recycling are doable on a daily basis, I am not asking you to change your lifestyle suddenly  tomorrow (I am still trying to change mine too) but bringing you ways to challenge yourself every day to live a more sustainable life and contribute to the well-being of our dear Earth.


Thank you for reading this article, I hope it will help you in making new modifications in your lifestyle! Let me know what you want to read next and don't forget to follow my Instagram!


(Please note that English is not my first language so there might be mistakes)