As many students asked themselves before graduating, I was wondering what I wanted to do in the future. I knew I wanted to do good for our planet and promote sustainability. I also wanted to do something challenging that mixes business and marketing aspects but especially the creative one. It was imperative for me to be in the creation process but add the commercial feature to the ingredients.  

Since my young age, I have had the chance to be surrounded by an artistic family which has always encouraged me to express myself through dancing, acting and singing. It became then natural for me to incorporate creation into my work. 

Pygoscelis Natural - Organic cotton brand - founder Jeanne

In July, I finally came up with my future plan: starting my own business of organic cotton underwear made of Japanese materials. It was the perfect project to ally my environmental principles, a new activity and a personal challenge. When I decided that I would design and sew all the underwear by myself, I did not even know how to use machines! Motivation and perseverance allowed me to work hard and achieve my goals. 

Pygoscelis Natural - Organic Cotton underwear - Bottom EARTH





When I finally went back to France for the summer vacations, my mom and I started to design the pattern and find the best techniques to deliver the finest quality for the customers. It was then the time to return to Japan and continue the hard work. From September, I confronted many obstacles especially as a foreigner starting a business in Tokyo. However, it did not stop me to find the right materials for Pygoscelis. 


The most difficult element to find was probably the cloth. Some companies did not sell organic cotton, others did not have the right cloth for underwear and some did not even want to work with foreigners! It was extremely challenging to find a product that was 100% Japanese, that is why I made the compromise to choose a cloth which cotton’s flowers were picked in New Mexico but which all process of spinning and woven from the raw material is conducted in Japan. (*Except for a few movements, Japanese cotton growing has devastated for long time. I strongly hope revival for this industries succeeds rapidly and would like to take part in it as soon as I can come up with what I can do.) 

After dealing with several fabric retailers in Japan, I came to the conclusion that for the moment it was the best way to deliver high-quality products to the clients. The organic cotton that was selected come from the company R-top, company that is making sure its cloth is based on the regulations of JOCA (Japanese Organic Cotton Association) and is tagged as “pure” (100% organic cotton). 


The threads used in the machines are product of Japan from the brand "Miro". The elastics for the top and bottom are both from Japan and  the name tags were produced by Yanagisawa Woven Label in Fukui. Finally, both the cloth and the thread used in the tags come from organic cottons.  


At the end I am very happy that I was able to work and exchange with Japanese locals who were willing to be part of Pygoscelis and helped me to start my project. 


One year after launching the project, it was time to move to Australia to pursue my personal interests and spread Pygoscelis to a new environment! (the materials are still the same from when I was in Japan until I run out)


I hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at






条件に合う数社のなかから、皆様に最高の品質をお届けするための結論にたどり着きました。オーガニック・コットンの生地は、NPO法人 日本オーガニック協会(JOCA:Japanese Organic Cotton Association)の会員である株式会社アールトップ様の製品の中から“pure” (100%オーガニック・コットン)と表示されたものを選ばせて頂きました。


ミシンでの縫製に使用した糸は日本のブランド、 “Miro”です。使用されているゴム及びネーム・タグも日本のものです。ネームタグは福井県の柳沢ウーベンラベル株式会社様にご協力頂きました。使用した糸・タグの生地はもちろんオーガニック・コットンです。