Low Waste · 27. February 2019
"Wait, I thought we should recycle to help the planet (and feel less guilty)?" Yes you should recycle as much as you can but by "why you should stop recycling" I mean "why you should start reducing".

Low Waste · 20. February 2019
In this article learn more about Yang Laji, also known as "western rubbish" and its consequences...

Low Waste · 14. February 2019
Learn more about the 3R's - reduce, reuse, recycle- what they imply and how they can help you to live a more sustainable life.

Recipes · 09. February 2019
For my first article I decided to share a delicious vegan aubergine gratin I invented!

09. February 2019
I decided to start a blog to share my lifestyle in Tokyo, eco-friendly tips, recipes and more... The first article will be available soon, stay tuned!