Pygoscelis is an environment-friendly underwear brand made of organic cotton


Designed and Handmade with Love by Jeanne ♡


Made in Sydney, Australia



パイゴセリスはオーガニック・コットン を使った環境にやさしい下着ブランドです




ジャーヌが愛を込めてデザイン・手作りしています ♡

After months of intense preparation I am happy and proud to launch Pygoscelis! An ecological brand which promotes sustainability.


Pygoscelis wants you to consume organic and local. It is important in our over-consumption society to go back to the source and go back natural.


Buying and producing locally have a great impact on contributing to our planet, not only you help the local economy, but you decrease the environmental impact by reducing transportation and therefore pollution.


The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. We over-consume clothes exploiting cheap labors and using strong chemicals to only buy the new fashion trend of the next season. Cotton is the best and most natural material for your skin. Being organic makes it twice better!  


Moreover producing and consuming locally rise the uniqueness of the brand. Step out of the big branch stores and be part of the local community! Experience the oneness of your environment and the quality of Japanese materials.  


As you have probably understood by now, purchasing from one-of-a-kind businesses encourages local prosperity and provides you with a better selection and quality of products.


Let’s be green!


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